Optional Extras

Here at Minutia Detailing, we have a comprehensive choice of optional extras to select from.

You can add your Minutia extras to any of the detailing packages when you are booking.

  1. 1. Glass Treatment Upgrade

    After all the glass in your car is thoroughly cleaned and polished, we add a glass sealant from the Gtechniq range of high-end protection products. This sealant allows for visibility in rain, sleet and snowy conditions with a much higher and sharper level of clarity and will last well over 20,000 miles.

    Price: £40.00
  2. 2. Engine Bay Detail

    Prior to treating your engine bay, all the sensitive elements such as the electrical components and filters are wrapped. We will thoroughly clean the engine to remove dust, dirt and build ups of grease and grime using gentle steam-cleaning or warm water, depending on the most appropriate treatment. All plastics are dressed with aerospace-grade products (non-silicone). We will also clean and protect the underneath of the bonnet and all hinges.

    Price: From £75.00
  3. 3. Leather/Upholstery Deep Clean

    This is an upgraded version of the standard Minutia interior clean. Where possible, we will remove the interior to affect a fuller, deeper clean, especially to the underside of the seats as well as deep-cleaning the leather or upholstery and treating it with a suitable product from the highly-regarded Gtechniq range of detailing products - Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard and Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric.

    Price: £100.00
  4. 4. Convertible Roof Treatment

    Over the course of their lives, convertible roofs can deteriorate due to the build-up of dust and dirt wearing away the fabric strands, the exposure to UV rays (sunlight) and the growth of mildew. We thoroughly clean the roof and apply a fabric protector (Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric) to protect against UV rays and to waterproof the roof. This treatment can last up to two years.

    Price: £65.00
  5. 5. Undersealing

    In our workshop we have ramps so we can easily get to the underside of the car to protect it from winter salts. It is most useful for imported Japanese cars that require undersealing and should be topped up every couple of years to avoid corrosion. We use state-of-the-art clear or black underseals to protect your car against rust, road salt and paint chips and before we underseal the car, we clean the underside to make it free of corrosive elements.

    Price: From £150.00
  6. 6. Motorbike Detailing

    Motorbikes have just as much right to be pristine as cars and have as many intricate areas that need protecting as cars do. We are more than happy to detail your motorbike using the same processes and techniques we use for cars but we focus our attention a little more on metal polish and protection.

    Price: From £250.00
  7. 7. Top-Up Wash

    If you have had a Minutia detail, we offer a detailed wash and protection process. We clean the car thoroughly and add a detail spray to top-up the protection to ensure the detailing has longevity.

    Price: £80.00
  8. 8. Winter Protection Package

    This can be added to any of the detailing packages. We pay particular attention to windscreen treatment as well as wheel arch and alloy wheel protection via a spray-on sealant offering up to three months protection over the winter period to protect against corrosion from winter salt.

    Price: £60.00
  9. 9. Summer Protection

    The summer protection package can be added to any of the detailing packages. It focuses on products with the highest level UV inhibitors, including multiple coats of aerospace-grade products on the car's plastics.

    Price: £60.00
  10. 10. Paintless Dent Removal

    We can remove most minor dents on a vehicle providing the paint surface is intact. We will inspect the dent first to give you an accurate quote but this can be done during a detail

    Price: From £30/dent
  11. 11. Paint Protection Film

    This can be installed, ideally after a detail over properly prepared paint at our premises in Croydon, Surrey. The film can protect against stone chips, bug splatter and minor abrasions.

    Price: £POA
  12. 12. Headlight Restoration

    If your headlights have faded due to age, heat and/or UV damage this can be an MOT failure as well as a safety hazard driving at night or in bad weather conditions. In most cases we can wet sand or compound the headlights to restore clarity and then protect them with a UV-resistant coating. This will drastically improve the look of the vehicle as well as saving you hundreds of pounds on a new set.

    Price: £60 per set
  13. 13. Vehicle Photography in a Leather-Bound Album

    We visually document the detailing process and, subject to your approval, add the pictures to the Gallery page of the website. If you would like a documented photo shoot of the detail process of your vehicle for your records, as a memento or to enhance the resale value we can arrange for our photographers to shoot your car while we look after it. A range of options including before, during and after photos can be supplied on a USB stick or in a beautiful, leather-bound album. Photo shoots can also be arranged for just the post detail or if you are selling your vehicle we can supply high quality images.

    Price: £POA
  14. 14. Stone Chip Repairs

    Most stone chip repairers will simply dab each chip with a touch up pen, but we will professionally fill and blend each chip for a seamless finish.

    Price: £POA
  15. 15. Airport Drop-Off

    Minutia Detailing is located close to both Heathrow and Gatwick airports and you can drop your car off with us and we'll take you to the airport. We will detail your car while you're away and then pick you up on your return. You'll save money on extortionate airport parking fees as well as taxis to and from the airport. This service is FREE when booked in conjunction with an Enhancement Detail.

    FREE (with Enhancement Detail)
  16. 16. Pre-Sales Package

    If you're considering selling your car, we can detail it and then give you a file of expertly-shot photographs showing the car in a perfect light, in a file size and resolution you can use in both online and offline advertising.

    Price: £40.00