Preparation Wash

Minutia Detailing offers clients a comprehensive range of expert-level car detailing services for all makes and models of cars, from daily drivers, sports and prestige cars through to garage kings and concourse queens.

Each car, regardless of subsequent detailing services goes through the Minutia Preparation Wash and then you can select from any one of the detail options as well as any add-ons you choose.

Minutia Preparation Wash

This is our standard washing procedure that every car goes through prior to any detailing. Its purpose is to give us a perfect, spotlessly clean car – inside and out – that ensures any of the detailing options can be carried out with outstanding results.

The Minutia Preparation Wash:

  1. 1. Pre-wash

    Using a snow foam solution, this process softens dirt and road grime making it far easier to be removed

  2. 2. Intense, wax-free wash

    Using a pH-neutral shampoo, the wash includes door shuts, fuel cap area and panel gaps using the appropriate choice of a Two Bucket Method with Grit Guards along with lambswool mitts and soft brushes to protect against inflicting surface marks

  3. 3. Car washed

    The top half of the car is washed and then separate, clean mitts are used to wash the bottom half

  4. 4. Wheels washed

    Using separate buckets, the wheels are washed using pH-neutral shampoo and pH-neutral brake dust removers and includes wheel arches (wheels are turned full and opposite locks), brake callipers and the inside of the alloy with metal-free, 100% lambswool tools and soft-bristle brushes

  5. 5. Rinsing

    The car is then rinsed with softened and deionised filtered water

  6. 6. Degreasing & Tar Removal

    We use a variety of citrus degreasers and tar removers and are agitated as necessary in high-impact areas with soft, non-scratch detailing brushes

  7. 7. Decontamination

    We decontaminate the car’s paint (including alloy wheels) using various fallout removers to remove any bonded contaminants including iron filing residue from brake dust and surrounding environments such as train stations and factories

  8. 8. Secondary rinse

    We snow foam and rinse the car for a second time to ensure we remove all product residue that may have lingered post-washing, degreasing and decontamination

  9. 9. Claying

    We use a clay bar (an engineered resin compound) to remove any bonded contaminants that the multiple washes failed to. This leaves the surface of the car perfectly smooth and prepped for the detailing process

  10. 10. Drying

    The vehicle is dried thoroughly using plush drying towels and warm filtered air to blow-dry hard-to-reach areas, minimising water spots and leaving a perfect finish

It’s important to note that the Minutia Preparation Wash leaves the car fully decontaminated but without any type of protection. Now all you have to do is choose the most suitable detailing package.