Minutia Detailing

Minutia Detailing is a world-class car detailing company with one goal – to ensure every car leaving the workshop is ‘better than new’. The team have a commitment to excellence, they use the finest available products and the service is as consummately professional as it is exclusive.

Minutia Detailing caters for everyday cars, sports and prestige models, garage kings and concourse queens as well as the new breed of hypercars. Expert-level, bespoke car detailing requires a delicate combination of patience, passion and skill. New technology, techniques and cutting-edge science are employed to make sure your car is perfect from every angle, inside and out, top to bottom.

Minutia looked after my Porsche 911 as if it were their own. A perfect job. Thank you

Who Are We?

Minutia Detailing was set up in July 2014 by Michael Pariera. Like many businesses of this type, the genesis started as a passionate, 12-year hobby. As a collector of rare and ‘exotic’ cars, he learned how to keep his cars in concourse condition and this inevitably led to a small and exclusive service for a number of private collections.

Primarily unit-based, Michael has turned his passion into one of London’s most respected car detailing businesses. Committed to client satisfaction, including 24h gated security, CCTV and a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled unit, the quality of workmanship and pathological attention to the smallest detail set Minutia apart in an industry where the smallest details matter.

I wouldn’t trust my award-winning car collection to anyone other than Michael