Minutia Detailing offers clients a comprehensive range of expert-level car detailing services for all makes and models of cars, from daily drivers, sports and prestige cars through to garage kings and concourse queens.

Each car, regardless of subsequent detailing services goes through the Minutia Preparation Wash and then you can select from any one of the detail options listed below as well as any add-ons you choose.

Minutia Detailing owner Michael Pariera is an authorised applicator of Ceramic Pro, the most technologically-advanced protective coatings available. To watch a video to understand why Ceramic Pro is unique in the market, click here.

Ceramic Pro is a permanent glass coating for your vehicle providing exceptionally high levels of gloss and scratch resistance. Prices are dependent on the condition of your paint  and how many layers are desired so please contact us for more information. Increasing the layers of Ceramic Pro adds more gloss and scratch resistance to your car and we recommend getting the paint as perfect as possible before application.

Please note: all prices are exclusive of VAT.