Protection Detail

  • 8 Hours + 
  • From £400**including the Minutia Preparation Wash

The Minutia Protection Detail has been designed for those who want to improve the overall appearance of the vehicle. It leaves a glossy, slick finish and will protect all interior and exterior surfaces after they have been thoroughly cleaned.

Your vehicle will be easier to clean and maintain, making further washes less time consuming and keeping your car looking pristine.

The Protection Detail does not offer any form of paintwork correction to remove any marring or swirl marks caused by incorrect washing and drying techniques but it is an ideal top up for a previously detailed or well maintained vehicle.


New Car Protection Detail

  • 15 Hours + 
  • From £600**including the Minutia Preparation Wash


This option is most popular with people who have bought a brand-new car. Under high-density showroom lights, cars look pristine but under closer inspection, surface imperfections from transportation, storage, a regular procession of prospects touching or test-driving cars and sometimes, poor dealer care and preparation will be evident.

The dealership may have offered you a paint protection option but the products they supply and use are often of an inferior quality to those of a professional car detailer. In addition, they are administered by inexperienced valeters who need to fulfil quotas and who simply don’t – can’t – spend the time and effort required for a perfect job.

We will.

For the Minutia New Car Protection Detail, we’ll be happy to accompany you to the showroom (or, alternatively, you can have your car delivered to us to ensure we work on your vehicle in perfect condition). We’d advise you don’t get the car washed by the dealer so we get the car in the best possible condition.

We will focus predominantly on the area of paint correction rather than heavy decontamination of the wheels and arches due to low road use and then we will move onto protection.

This option will guarantee a ‘better than new’ finish from day one.

The Minutia Protection Detail:

  1. 1. Glaze or pre-wax

    Depending on the most suitable option, we apply either a glaze or a pre-wax cleanser by hand or dual-action polisher to freshen the paintwork and improve surface gloss

  2. 2. Top coat

    We will select the most appropriate top coat for your vehicle’s paintwork for a final protection. Top coat upgrades are listed below.

  3. 3. Doors

    The door shuts will be waxed and sealed

  4. 4. Interior and exterior plastics and rubber

    We will clean, revive and protect all the internal and exterior plastics and rubber (including door seals) against UV rays (sunlight) which is usually evident from the natural fading that occurs

  5. 5. Wheel arches

    We dress the wheel arches to ensure a perfect finish

  6. 6. Glass

    We clean all the glass on the vehicle including windows and mirrors using specific glass cleaner and then seal for added water sheeting in wet conditions

  7. 7. Alloy wheels

    The alloy wheels are treated with wheel sealant to minimise brake dust and tar re-bonding. Upgrade options are below.

  8. 8. Tyres

    All tyres (including the spare if one is present) are dressed to give a natural ‘new’ look as well as being protected against harmful UV rays

  9. 9. Hinges

    All door, boot, bonnet and internal hinges and locks are treated with a dry lubrication spray

  10. 10. Chrome & steel

    All chrome and stainless steel on the car, including exhaust tips will be polished and sealed

  11. 11. Tyre pressures

    Tyre pressures will be set to manufacturers' specification (or to your personal preference) and alloys torqued to the original specification

  12. 12. Final inspection

    Before collection the car is checked over and given a final wipe down with a high gloss detail spray (where applicable)

Protection Detail Upgrades

  1. 1. Interior

    the interior of the car – including boot and storage compartments – are vacuumed and sanitised to kill bacteria and germs; materials are cleaned and protected; leather is cleaned and conditioned and plastics, including the dashboard are restored to a non-greasy, matt factory finish

  2. 2. Engine bay

    the engine bay is steam-cleaned or washed (dependent on the application) and then dried and dressed for added protection

  3. 3. Ceramic coating

    Upgrade to a top coat ceramic coating for up to two years' additional protection

  4. 4. Wax coats

    Add additional coats of carnauba wax for a glossy, wet look to your car (£50 supplement per coat)

    £75.00 supplement per coat
  5. 5. Alloy wheel treatment

    Upgrade to Gtechniq C5 wheel armour for additional and durable stain and contaminant resistance

    £200.00 including 3 hours for the removal of the wheels for complete coverage