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We’re well aware of the irony. Minutia & Partners sounds like we’ve gone into business as a law firm but we can categorically assure you that we haven’t. We’re rolling nicely towards our first birthday and we have detailed some truly incredible cars as well as increased awareness of Minutia and what we offer through Facebook and Twitter*.

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It’s true to say that year one for Minutia Detailing is shaping up to be our best yet! That moves us nicely on to why the title of this blog post is Minutia & Partners. During the course of going about our own business, we come across other businesses that do the same or similar as us as well as those complementing ours and represent the motor industry in the best light. We have come across two that we are proud to say have become official partners.


First, we’d like to introduce AnyM. On the surface they offer a simple platform to buy and sell used BMWs, but when you look a little deeper, they are uniquely embedded into the BMW world and they offer the best used examples on the internet. One testament to their approach is that they are the official classifieds partner of the BMW Car Club (GB) Ltd, the only club officially endorsed by BMW UK.


BMW M4 © AnyM.co.uk

They approve every dealer who advertises with them and like BMW who have built their business around their reputation, AnyM have done the same. Run by genuine BMW enthusiasts, the benefits of listing your pride and joy with them include:

  • A reach of 10,000+ monthly visitors
  • Outstanding value for money – adverts start from as little as £4.95
  • Powerful management area
  • Run by BMW experts
  • Official classified ads from the BMW Car Club (GB) Ltd

If you have a BMW to sell, and that includes parts, number plates, classics and tuned cars, there’s only one place to go – AnyM! You can also follow them on Twitter.

Minuita’s Mike Pariera says ‘AnyM is a great place for anything BMW-related. They have been great in recommending our services and we have detailed a few cars belonging to their members which they have been very happy with! We’re proud to have partnered with such a great business and we’re looking forward to a mutually-fruitful relationship!’


Next, it’s our pleasure to introduce MotorStars Magazine. Run by editor Raj Hunjan, the monthly digital magazine is, in his own words ‘not about measuring cars against each other, it is about capturing the essence of a car through the eyes of a passionate owner and then giving you all the facts about buying and cherishing one.’


Every month, MotorStarsfeatures reviews of cars that in their opinion are destined for greatness, including cars that were criminally under-appreciated during their lifecycle but have become modern classics and  more importantly, worth  a few quid!

Raj says; ‘MotorStars are proud to partner with Minutia Detailing as they are helping to preserve the finest examples of collectible sportscars for future petrol heads to enjoy and cherish. Mike and the team at Minutia go above and beyond any other detailer we have encountered. We would classify their work as light restoration rather than simply cleaning.’

MotorStars is written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and it’s not just about appreciating assets. They have features on gadgets, car detailing techniques from the experts (like us!) and interesting articles on all things motor-related.

The last half-dozen issues have featured some absolute pearlers such as the TVR Sagaris, the Noble M12 GTO, the sensational Porsche Carrera GT, two Ferraris, the 430 Scuderia and the 458 Speciale and the latest issue features the Jaguar F-Type R.

The magazines really are a great read so take a look for yourself and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter.

‘Minuita Mike’ says ‘These guys produce some outstanding articles about the best cars o n the planet. If (like me!) you’re into rare, exotic and exciting motors, this is the magazine for you! As a partner, we’re over the moon to be associated with such passionate petrolheads!’

Just while we’ve got you, we hope you’ve been enjoying our ‘History of…’ series on the blog and we’ve covered Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini but are there any cars or  marques you want us to feature? Why don’t you let us know on Twitter @MinutiaDetail and you never know, your choice could feature and we may even include some quotes from you as to why you chose that particular marque…!

Until April!